I registered, but I still don't have access to EMconnect.

Let's check a few things:

  • When you registered, did you enter the authentication code after setting up your account? You need to authenticate and confirm your account before an EMconnect approver (your Site Manager, Branded Wholesaler Admin or FMA) gets a notice to authorize you.
  • Didn't receive the authentication email? Check your spam/ junk folders and mark [email protected] as a safe email address.
  • Is the email address used during registration being redirected or forwarded to another email address? 
  • Didn't receive the SMS? Ensure you entered the correct phone number and that your phone is connected to your service provider.
  • Try registering again. If your email address or phone number is already in the system, you will receive a message stating that the email or phone number is already in use.

Note: Self-registered EMconnect users who have authenticated their accounts can access EMconnect with basic (limited) access until their account is approved by an EMconnect approver (your Site Manager, Branded Wholesaler Admin, or FMA). 

Once your account has been approved, you will receive an SMS or email confirming that your account is authorized for full access. If full access authorization takes more than 2 days you may need to reach out to your manager/ supervisor (Site manager, Branded Wholesaler, Brand Champion or FMA) to let them know you are waiting for approval. Or, contact EMconnect Support for assistance

You will need to log out of EMconnect and log back in to gain full access

To log out of EMconnect:

  • Option 1: from the quick access tab bar at the bottom of the page, tap ‘Menu’. From the menu list select 'Account', then ‘Settings’ and scroll down to Logout.
  • Option 2: from the homepage, tap on your profile picture, then tap 'Settings' and scroll down to Logout.

Don't see your profile picture on the home screen? Please update your app by visiting the App Store or Google Play.

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