How are EMconnect credits different from ExxonMobil Rewards+ points?

EMconnect credits (EMc credits) are an in-app reward system for interacting with various types of EMconnect content, which can include viewing promotions, program basics, weekly focus, training, videos, etc.

EMc credits cannot be exchanged for ExxonMobil Rewards+ points.

ExxonMobil Rewards+ points (EMR+ points) are awarded through the ExxonMobil Rewards+ program (which is separate from the EMconnect app). Points can be earned on items purchased every day – like fuel, convenience store items and car washes.

An ExxonMobil Rewards+ account must be set up by visiting: to be able to earn points.

The Rock Like a Rewardstar Incentive runs from June 1st to November 30th and is intended to drive new ExxonMobil Rewards+ enrollments. Site-level EMconnect users can earn 300 EMR+ points for each customer ExxonMobil Rewards+ card enrollment.

To receive the bonus 300 EMR+ points:

EMconnect users will need to:

  1. Set up their own EMR+ account 
  2. Link their card to the EMconnect app
  3. Give customers their unique Referral Code (the EMconnect UUID found in “My Info”

Customers must:

  1. Register for an EMR+ account using the employee's referral code (UUID)
  2. Complete the EMR+ account verification
  3. Purchase 4 gallons of fuel

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