How do I set up a shared device?

On EMconnect version 6.0+, Site Managers have access to the Shared Device feature which will allow employees to access EMconnect on a shared device.

How to set up a shared device:

  1. A Site Manager will need to install the EMconnect app on the desired device and log in
  2. Tap the 'Account' icon and in 'Settings' scroll down to 'Setup as Shared Device'
  3. Tap the toggle button and select 'Yes' to turn the Shared Device feature on
  4. Tap your icon and set your temporary 4-digit PIN, 
  5. Tap 'Add profile' and enter the employee's name and email or cell phone number, then select 'Save'
  6. Tap on the employee's icon and set a temporary 4-digit PIN
  7. Once you have set up your employee(s), tap 'Account', scroll down and 'Logout'
  8. Your employees can now tap on their profile icon to log in, they will need to enter their temporary 4-digit PIN and will be prompted to create a new PIN

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