What role should I choose? Can I change my role?

It's important that you choose the correct role when registering as an EMconnect user. You will not be able to change your role once your profile has been established.

If you just want to use the app, view content and use the features, choose:

  • Sales Associates - if you work at a site
  • Branded Wholesaler Staff - if you work at a BW office
  • Exxon Mobil Employee - if you work for Exxon Mobil

Or, if you also need to  invite or approve other app users  choose:

  • Site Manager - so you can invite and approve Sales Associates
  • Branded Wholesaler Admin - so you can invite and approve Branded Wholesaler Staff, Site Managers, and Sales Associates

Not sure? Check with your manager, Exxon Mobil contact or reach out to the EMconnect Support Team.

Need to have your role changed? At this time, you cannot change your role once you register.  If you are signed up with the wrong role submit your role change request to the EMconnect Support Team to get the process started.

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