What is FleetLeads?

FleetLeads is an app that allows staff to submit potential fleet prospects to ExxonMobil fleet telesales. Leads that result in an application will provide an incentive payout to the original submission. Prospects include businesses nearby, business vehicles fueling at the site and not currently paying with an ExxonMobil fleet card, and businesses fueling at nearby competing stations. Getting these businesses to fuel with ExxonMobil consistently will cultivate your site’s fuel and non-fuel sales!

How to register:

  • Login to EMconnect and from the home page go to ‘My Tools & Tasks’ in Must Haves

  • Scroll down, tap on ‘FleetLeads' and select “Join FleetLeads ”

You will be asked to submit an email if you do not have one linked to your EMconnect account.

How to submit a lead:

  • Tap ‘+’ (upper right corner)

  • Fill in the form and tap ‘Submit new business lead’

  • You will receive a confirmation message. Read the message then tap ‘Close’

  • Your lead is now visible on the Status tracker

  • Tap the filter icon  (bottom left) to manage your leads

Why was my lead not approved?

Leads that result in an application will provide an incentive payout to the original submission. FleetLeads payouts are only processed once per month. Your lead may already be an ExxonMobil fleet card member or may have been previously submitted by another ExxonMobil employee.

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