Can training activities be tracked if I complete them offline?

Yes, 'Training' activities can be completed offline however, you must download the activities while you are online. Once the activities have been downloaded you can go offline, open and begin a 'Training' activity.  You will see an orange circle with a white checkmark on the Training overview and the Training activity, indicating that the activity has been started. Upon completion of the training activity, the orange circle will turn green. Once all Training activities are completed within a section, you will see a green circle with a white checkmark.

A Training activity must be fully completed to receive a green completion checkmark. You cannot stop a Training activity and continue where you left off. If you stop part-way through an activity, you will have to restart the activity from the beginning when you come back to it.

When you are back online, your results are sent to the database. On occasion, the device will need to refresh the page to show the change. This is accomplished by opening a different page and returning to the screen.

Please note
Users sharing devices must ensure that they remain logged in and reconnect to the internet in order to process their completion status. If users log out while offline and a new user logs in and goes online, the completion credits will be given to that user. 

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